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Publications Elsewhere

I've been lucky enough to have some of my musings published elsewhere.  Some of these are included in full on my "Features" section , but links to the original publication are here.

MSR Summit Blog -The Peru Divide

Mountain Safety Research (MSR) are one of the world's most visible manufacturers of high-end outdoors kit, so it was a real honour to be featured on their Summit Blog recalling my time spent cycling high among the Peru Andes.  MSR were the manufacturers of my tent, plus their sibling-company, Thermarest, made my travel mattress.

Wanderlust Magazine - 9 Highlights of Cycling South America

Wanderlust Magazine is one of the premium resources published in the UK for those who like their travel a little more off-the-beaten-track or with a bit more of a hint of authenticity.   See the link below for a brief highlights overview based on 9 selected photos and corresponding paragraph which attempted to pick the eyes out of the wider experience by focussing on a few real gems.

Living in Peru - Going Off-Grid in the Andes

I posted some of my blog pieces from the Peru Divide on a Facebook group used by people travelling around Peru, and the Website Content Editor of a leading Peru expat and travel website saw them and contacted me to contribute an article.  So, I did! As I looked over the website it was more geared around backpackers/travellers rather the cycle adventurers so I had to to tailor it with that in mind and set it as an introductory piece.

Finish - Copy.JPG
MSR Summit Blog - Carretera Austral

I so appreciated the chance to work with Mountain Safety Research (MSR) on my Peru Divide piece, I went back to them and pitched another article - this time on Chile's legendary Carretera Austral.

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