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Days 98-101: CARNIVAL!!!

The unexpected treats continued when I hit the tiny, dusty town of Villa Union.

There’s an official website about Carnival in Argentina which lists 25 places around the country as having the longest and most popular traditions. Of all of these, the smallest place is Villa Union with a population of only 12,000. There might not be a lot to the town most of the year, but over two nights it became pretty clear what they spend all year waiting for.

😀 🎉 🍻 🍷 🥁

I hadn't really given that much thought to Carnival in advance of this trip. Vaguely I knew when the dates were, and I had read that Villa Union was a good place to be over Carnival.  In the original plan in my head I would have been arriving a few days ealier than I actually did so it would have involved several days waiting around for Carnival to kick off which I'd decided against.  But due to the immense heatwave over the preceding weeks my timelines slowed up and I found myself arrivng just a couple of days before it started.  I took that as a sign that I was supposed to stick around, and was glad I did. 

The Carnival traditions of Villa Union take place over two nights of Saturday and Sunday, and it was 5am before I made it back to bed both nights. 



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